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Homes have different divisions that people then use for their designated functions. One can be the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom, among others. But there are instances wherein you will have an extra space that you do not want to just remain useless. Well, you are in luck as here is some inspiration for you to base on if you are concerned about having that idle area be brought to life.

Walk In Closet

Both men and women love clothes (admit it or not) and maybe this is because of the inclination to fashion and style or just because of the reality that everyone needs to wear clothing, of course, but it stands that you may have a great amount on you. This is even more when you are with kids. Having this closet will then give space for all of your wardrobe to fit in. You get extra flooring expanse for changing as well.

Laundry Room

And since the talk is about clothes, let’s take it up a notch and delve into those of the dirty kind. Well, having a place where you can dump and gather laundry would be great, instead of having them scattered around the house, even in spots you did not even think of. And if it is the end of the work week and it is time to do some laundry, they would know where to find you. Other chores like ironing and folding may even be performed there.


For those who are into books and have a huge collection of soft bounds, hard bounds and other publications, you can take this as an opportunity to transform the room into your very own library. Wouldn’t you like it, you already have the specific storage for all your novels and supposing you want to spend an afternoon reading, you can just go in and indulge yourself.

It can work as a studio if you are into music and the arts. In essence, it can be a corner to have your creative juices flowing.


There are those who still do their job even if they are already at home from work. These hardworking folks will need all the silence they can get to be able to focus and finish their tasks. If you are one, then what you should do is just get that room and make it to be your office. In this way, you can also block out your housemates, especially during times when you do not want to be disturbed.

Some thinking can even be done here as well. Perhaps you just fancy some alone time, the office may be the perfect setting.

Play Room

Again, when you have children, they can be quite energetic and even messy. Why not channel all those elements into one spot? You then only have the room to clean up after the little ones play. In addition, toys and other play things can be kept there. If you are a mother who has a lot of chores to do for the day, you only have to leave the kids in there and you are off to accomplish your tasks. There must be extra care and attention though because you will have to make the interiors safe and secure from risk, more so when you have toddlers.

Media Room

And the adults are not to be left behind when it comes to entertainment as they can have a domain for their own fun too. This can range from electronic diversions such as the TV, the computer and other music and video related equipment. On top of that, you may set up indoor sports equipment like that of table tennis or even simple board games.

Guest Room

A basic execution would be to just have that particular portion of the living quarters assigned for relatives or friends who are to come over at any time. This is beneficial, especially if you do not want to make these folks uncomfortable.

Know though that when you think of using that extra room for any of these purposes, you will have to be ready to invest and use up your funds. Imagination can only bring you so far; there is still the need to work things out, especially financially, to achieve what you have envisioned the room will look and function to be.

All in all, base the turnout on your preferences. The well-designed expanse can be for your advantage as well, since it can also increase the value of your residence and overall property.

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