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Safe Use of Pesticides


pesticide warningExpect to spend a substantial amount of money when you consider landscaping your farm. Some farms may need to be landscaped especially when you show your customers where you get the produce you deliver to them. You may opt to use some form of pesticide control for the farm, especially if this is your source of income. However, when using pesticides, there are several factors to consider:

Consult with a hampstead team of gardeners on the right pesticide to use. Most landscape gardeners are experts on identifying pests and controlling them. They may advise you against using pesticide control and suggest organic means to control pests. In the long run, repeated use of pesticides may be harmful not only for the plants, but also to the people who work on the farm.

Assess the pest problem. Do not just buy a pesticide. Identify the type of pest that is present in the plants. Examine your plants carefully and look for other pests that may be hiding. However, there are pests that may have been in the soil for a long time and have bred a whole colony, enough to infect other plants. Consult with landscape design hampstead on the best pesticide to use relative to the pest. Ask for tips on organic pest control as a follow up after application of the pesticides. Ensure that you are buying the least toxic pesticide for your plants and your own safety.

Ensure safe pesticide use. Aside from choosing the right pesticide, you should also ensure its safe usage as follows:

  • Use pesticides only in designated places. It is illegal and unsafe to use pesticides other than where they are intended for.
  • Guarantee that you are using the exact amount specified for controlling the pests. Using too much pesticide doubles the risk of harmful effects to people and plants.
  • Make sure that children are nowhere near the areas during and after pesticide application to prevent accidental exposures. Keep pets and children away from the treated area until the treated areas are thoroughly dry. For solid pesticides, make sure that children and pets do not roam around the treated area until all pesticide particles have been dissolved.
  • Ensure proper use of mask and protective wear when applying the pesticide. Inquire and read about the antidote as well as emergency transport should accidental exposure happen.
  • Before applying the pesticide, store away pet food containers, pet bowls, children’s toys and clothing to prevent accidental exposure.
  • Store pesticide in their original containers. This will ensure proper usage for the next application. Labels on the container, usually contain the antidote and ingredients that will help medical specialists to treat people who have been accidentally exposed to the chemicals, thus it is advisable to make sure that the pesticide container is preserved.
  • Never mix pesticides. Pesticides contain industrial chemicals that are harmful to human and pets. Mixing them is dangerous. Using a mixture of pesticides would not only double the risk to accidental human and animal exposures, it may not be beneficial to your farm plants as well.

Look for natural solutions for pest control as much as possible. If you should use pesticide, use it as a last resort.


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