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The Best Interior Design Trends You Should Know For 2015

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It’s a brand new year and true enough, interior design trends for 2014 have blown over to give way for 2015’s new interior ideas. According to designers, it’s time to bring in the graphic tile, indigoes and other detailed and sophisticated metals for this year.

Moody Indigo

I’ve personally never loved indigo. I’ve always seen it as something that is half-hearted dark and not really defined. Indigo is an acquired taste color. Some designers, however, showed that it’s a good counterpoint to light-colored tiles.

Indigo is actually versatile because it combines with other colors that are difficult to combine with other colors. These include pink cream, gray, coral, and even the sometimes-difficult purple

Mixed Metals

Some London designers nowadays mix warm metal colors with cooler ones. While it’s actually pretty basic to use contrast when keeping up with designs, according to designers, matching every single color with a contrast in a single room isn’t the idea.

It’s a strategic layer mix, they said. It wasn’t just about two or three colours. It was about a repertoire of different colors combined together to create a riskier, daring feel that you wouldn’t otherwise feel with most interior decors using metal colors.

On the other hand, if you have plenty of details, for mixed metals, it would be better to use them as small details, or knick-knacks in your home. But that’s just me.

Smoky Glass

We’ve seen smoky glass used in so many applications that we’ve lost count. Smoky glass has often created the feeling of raw and mysterious. It has often concealed objects, bringing in only silhouettes from the outside or the inside. It could only create tension to an otherwise boring room, and spice up the details in a very busy room.

Smoky glass is also the choice for most urban housing. If you live in the city, a smoky-glassed flat is something that’s really outstanding.

Rugs a Paintin’

A rug with asymmetrical symbols and irregular patterns could break the symmetry inside a very boring room. According to designers, a very good rug with some abstract or something that shimmers and changes color depending on light is something that is really fit for today’s times.

Mirrored Furniture

With so many young people and some adults wanting to return the 1930’s Hollywood look in many homes, mirrored accents have been the interior design of choice. However, designers warn that the material must be good, or else it could mean a great interior home disaster.

Chevron Prints

Zigzags caught your eye? Maybe zigzags should always do. Today, chevron prints are widely used in many London interiors that strive to look modern. However, they should only appear simple. If they appear too thin or too complicated, the will spoil any kind of interior design, unless it’s for a circus.

Decorative Texts

The use of decorative texts in cloth posters or actual posters in a house is something that adds to a modern, urban feel. However, this may not be suitable for everyone, at best.


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