Stunning ideas for your bathroom

Hey it’s Paul! Was just doing my daily check of Pinterest, I love this site for inspiration and came across the most stunning bathroom I’ve ever seen. Decided to put together this article for you guys with some inspiring, modern/contemporary bathroom designs.

Wooden feeling

I love the wooden flooring, wooden drawers, wooden roof beams, and the wooden blinds, looks fantastic together. The other thing I really love about this bathroom is the bathtub.


Bathroom with a view

Not much to say about this one, check out that view! Plus another extremely nice bathtub, I need to get myself one of those.



I’m not as keen on this one, doesn’t really fit my normal style, but my wife told me to add it.


Fresh and Clean

I’m a big fan of modern design where everything is fresh and clean, this bathroom shows it off perfectly. They even have a nice Roller blind, looks similar to the one I have in my bathroom (except mine have a fabric valance)


Are you seeing this?

This is a beautiful bathroom. Love the colours, the bathtub, the sink, the skylight window, the shower, the towel radiator. Everything just comes together so well, so I thought it would be the perfect idea to end this on. Only thing I’d want is a blind on that skylight window, possibly using the Perfect Fit Blinds System so there’s no drilling.


Well that’s about it for bathroom inspiration, did you get anything new? I’ve decided I MUST get myself a new bathtub, the ones in these pictures look absolutely incredible and mine is looking a bit old-hat now 🙁

Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post, let me know if you like this type of post in the comments and I’ll do more for other rooms in the house!

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Choosing the right chair for your home office

Wow, this probably isn’t the best topic to start this blog off with. But it’s the first that came to mind so let’s start.

I recently came across a problem. If you’re anything like me, you’re sitting down far too often. For me it’s because my work is based on a laptop, but if you’re a writer or you do any sort of office work you’ll probably find you’ve got the same issue. After a while for me it started to affect my back, so I’ve been recently testing out other chairs to see what will sort the problem.

I found out a lot of chairs, including the one I used were like this:


Which is really bad for your back. What you really need is a chair that looks some what like this:



What this does is curves your back into a natural position. I’ve had mine for a week or so now and my back aches seem to have sorted themselves out, so I’d suggest you getting something similar.

There’s some other cool projects being created to try and fix problems with sitting down all day, e.g. on the google science fair.

But for now, the best bet is the buy a chair that fits more naturally with your back, and don’t sit down too much. Meaning every so often get up and take a break from sitting.


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