How to choose a new sofa for your home


Not easy to make a choice, as the possibilities are endless in terms of the sofa. Do you think you know what you want? It’s a safe bet that once in the store, the different models will make you lose your head. The size, the shape, but also the options of customizations of the materials and the colors make the choice cornelian. To save time, start by asking the right questions.


Buy in-store rather than online

A couch, it is alive, you will spend hours there. It is imperative to be able to try it, sit in it, touch it. The concept of comfort is relative to everyone. If you decide to go online, go to the brand’s showroom to familiarize yourself with the products.

Study your needs

Leather or fabric? It’s a question of budget and way of life too. A leather model will be more resistant. A coffee spilled? A blow of sponge will be enough to erase this clumsiness on a treated leather, whereas on a white linen cover, that risks being more complicated … You live with children, with pets, or both? The sofa will be more stressed, only if you are alone or in pairs. In the same way, study the space you have, the sofa should be neither too big nor too small. Think of modular models, they can evolve over time if you opt for a larger apartment.


Think about using a sofa bed

Of course, like everything that is two-in-one, the sofa bed will be less comfortable than a sofa or a bed alone.

In fabric, opt for removable

“More expensive to buy, of course, because they require the first layer of fabric under the cover, but significantly easier to maintain,” says this professional furniture. Undressing your couch will allow you to wash your envelope or replace it if necessary. In short, he will go through time more easily. In terms of color, neutral shades have the advantage of being timeless and easily marrying other elements. Nevertheless, a flashy model or strong print will bring a good dose of personality to your home, everything depends on your temperament.

Visualize its future environment

The sofa is the centerpiece of the living room or loft, the one on which we settle to watch TV, have tea with friends, or drink with the neighbors, check his emails on his computer … We spend a lot of time, and he will determine the surrounding objects: the coffee table, the pedestal table, the lamp. Take into account the rest of the decor, or choose a new decor to create around this flagship element of the show.

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