flex framework


What is Guasax? Guasax is an ease of use programming framework to provide ordered and scalable Flex applications.
Life cycle of guasax framework is based in the MVC pattern to take on our program actions


Ease of use.Based on Model-View-Controller pattern.
Organize your code.Guasax framework helps you to maintain your business logic tier highly decoupled from your presentation logic tier
Reflection, Introspection.Guasax takes reflection and introspection techniques as well as IoC pattern to execute the ctions

Non intrusive. You don’t have to extend your classes in framework classes to use it
XML configuration. Declare all your actions in a XML configuration file
User roles. Create user roles and assign them to your actions
Interceptors. Guasax enables you to declare action sequences with PRE and POST interceptors
Reusable componentes. Build components in Guasax and reuse them in ANY other project
RPC services. Web Services, Remote Objects y HTTP calls through Guasax ServiceLocator

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