Cutting your energy bill by 15% in 2 weeks


I don’t know about you, but I pay a lot of money for heating in my house – Paul.

I mean it, a lot. It’s expensive nowadays and prices are constantly increasing, in fact I recently heard they were due to increase another 2%? Not entirely sure on that so don’t take my word for it. But nonetheless it’s clear that the prices are high at the moment.

I’ve been attempting to cut down my energy bill, it wasn’t until last year that we finally had double glazing installed. We never saw it as a “must have” before but realistically in 2013 it is required. As an extra step to lowering our energy bill, we recently installed Shutters:



Not my photograph, but they look fantastic don’t they? My local corby blinds company  installed them for me, apparently they’re a “specialist” item, so not every window blind company will offer them. I’d still phone them and ask though, most companies just do the standard roller blinds corby and vertical blinds corby options because they’re much easier to fit. Shutters are much more difficult to fit, but the rewards are great:









Pretty, pretty stunning right?

My house doesn’t look like a showroom, so I don’t fancy snapping photographs of them to show you, but they still look great. Me and my wife think so anyhow.

Right back to the topic, do they save your energy bill?

Well it’s not been long enough to tell yet, but I read a source that Shutters can save up to 51% of heat loss from energy tests they tried. I’ll post an update in the future as to whether we’ve noticed it in our bill, after all, that’s all that matters! Except for that they look beautiful and all of our friends and family ask about them.



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