Cleaning different types of blinds


When it comes to cleaning blinds there are different methods depending on what type you have. Read our tips for cleaning window blinds to learn what method is best for you.

#1. Vacuuming

Vacuum the blinds often with the brush attachment. Aspira through the slats, not up and down.

#2. Duster

Use a lamb’s wool duster, again along the slats and starting at the top. Do not use plastic dusters.

#3. Vertical blinds

When shaking or vacuuming vertical blinds, brush down only, since the slats often come off if you brush them up.

#4. Dry sponge

Use a rubber sponge, also known as a dry sponge (found in hardware stores and paint shops), to remove dust and debris from both cloth and vinyl blinds.

Simply pass the dry sponge firmly through the blinds.

#5. Stains

To clean stains, apply an all-purpose cleaner on a clean, dry cloth, and clean the dirty area of the blind. Never spray the cleaner directly on the blind.

# 6 Wood blinds

You can wet the wooden blinds during cleaning, but do not soak them. Instead, clean them as if they were any other type of blinds.

# 7. Metal and vinyl shutters

To clean metal and vinyl shutters, follow this method: Take the blinds and place them in the yard or at the entrance, on a small carpet or a piece of carpet. Place a few drops of dish soap in a bucket of water. Wet a car wash brush and brush the blinds from one side to the other, and then turn them over and brush the other side. Rinse the blinds gently with a garden hose while tilting them, so that the water runs off.

To prevent water stains from forming, swipe your finger down the slats a couple of times to remove excess water. When you are finished, hang the curtains on a fence or sofa to dry.

Just follow these instructions to easily clean blinds in 7 steps.

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