Chateau d’Ax: I’m 50/50 on This One


Chateau d’Ax sofas may not be too much of a well-known brand (unless you count IKEA and the others.). However, they’re made with some very good material and durability.

Some Nitty-Grits

According to their website, their products are made with 100% leather. CD’s designs are quite intricate and sophisticated, great enough for my taste. However, true leather or 100% leather is something that is questionable. It easily stains, gets dirty and stinky fairly quickly. If it was really that, it’d be a bad idea.

More when I get to the actual part.

Its sofa frame is also made from select hardwoods, Chateux d’Ax claims. The hardwoods are reinforced with fiberboard and plywood to guarantee their longevity and provide them extra strength. At this point, I don’t really think it’s a good idea to consider the sofa durable anymore.

Hardwoods could store and create moisture, which contributes to the wood warping and could cause frame joint injuries. If you wish your sofa to remain in one area, sure, but if you move it consistently, it could weaken and easily break off one or two parts of your sofa frame.

They also talk about glue and staple, precisely assembling frame joints with corner blocks with these two ingredients. They claim its guaranteed to provide extra strength, stability and durability. However, the strength they could achieve is a self-lock when the furniture is under-loaded or push or pulled, which doesn’t really help.

The Actual Review

While I’ve knocked away out on the park some of the marketing languages carefully crafted by Chateau d’Ax’s teams, I really bought one because I really needed a good sofa.

I purchased the Avenue leather sofa a week ago. So far, it has been doing very well. You can’t argue at this point because it still feels and looks as if it is new. Hell, even the new leather smell really makes you feel better about the price (it’s more than a thousand, a bit).

The cushioning they used isn’t foam. It’s truly lovely cotton that feels like it melts in your buttocks. You really feel sophisticated while you sit down on the sofa and watch TV or eat dinner alone. Sometimes, I just sit down on it, sipping coffee as I go. I tell myself “what an achievement.

But then…

Within one week, one side of the sofa began to peel off. It was just a centimeter-length of leather from my sofa. I asked my kids which one of them scratched off the sofa by accident. Apparently, the other side also has some scratches.

I’ve come to realize that this is indeed a very sensitive sofa that needs good care and if possible, it needs to be cleaned every few days. After one week, we’ve got the stinky leather smell. Accidentally, my husband spilled some coffee on it, and it just stayed there, adding a coffee stink to the leather stink.


It’s not a bad design, and it’s not a bad product. However, for expensive, designer, leather sofas like this, it would be best to always take good care of them. Proper weekly maintenance is required. Also, once they land, they should never move to another place. I just know that part about glue and staple to be true. Also, don’t let moisture lock inside it. Hardwoods do weaken when they get wet.

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