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5 most popular loft conversions 2016

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Do you ever wonder about that extra space in your loft? You may be thinking, “There’s an unused, empty, boring space in the attic. What can I do to make it a hundred times more exciting?”
The answer? Simple: Convert it.
Converting a loft from a dull, dusty storage space to a nice cozy bedroom or an exciting recreational chamber is one of the best and most efficient ways of upping your house’s market value.
But with lots of possibilities and choices out there, converting your loft is a tough choice. We’re here to help you with that. Here are our 5 most popular conversions this 2016:

If you want a fitter, healthier life, the logical and most direct approach is to attend a local gym. Being a gym member is great and very beneficial, however, it has its own downsides. First, why pay someone so you could tire yourself out while he yells at you from the sidelines? Second, why should your workout depending on the gym’s schedule?
Third, why should you travel all that way for a gym? Have your own gym at home! Better yet, turn that empty space in your loft to your very own high-end gym! Just a few stairs and you’re on.

What’s better than a gym? A game room. Place a pool table at your loft’s centre, hang a flat screen TV at the side, maybe add a poker table and you have your very own game and entertainment room. It’s the perfect way to spice up your home and even have something to look forward to after a hard day at work. Your friends will be begging you to let them hangout in your loft.

Your loft is usually a quiet, boring place, right? A perfect element of a nice study room. Get away from the day’s hassle, from your kids’ noise and your wife’s nagging. Installing a study in your loft will be a choice you’ll forever be thankful for. Nothing beats a good old quiet, peaceful alone time.

Installing a bedroom in your loft is a great investment, and comes with a host of benefits, which you can see at the Chiswick loft conversion company. A spare bedroom is always a good addition to a house. Whenever guests stay the night, you’ll want to have a nice, cozy bedroom ready for them. Also, one of your kids may want to have their own separate room away from their siblings, this is especially true for teenagers. If so, a spare loft bedroom will definitely come in handy.



One great idea for a loft conversion is to turn it into a media room. Install a flat screen TV, place a couch at the centre, throw in some surround sound speakers and you’re good to go. You can spend some quality time with your family watching High Definition movies on your comfy cinema-like room or maybe play the latest Xbox games with your friends. Choosing to convert your loft to a media room is definitely something to consider.
Those are the 5 most popular loft conversions this year. What’s your decision? You’ve only got one loft, use it wisely.

Chateau d’Ax: I’m 50/50 on This One


Chateau d’Ax sofas may not be too much of a well-known brand (unless you count IKEA and the others.). However, they’re made with some very good material and durability.

Some Nitty-Grits

According to their website, their products are made with 100% leather. CD’s designs are quite intricate and sophisticated, great enough for my taste. However, true leather or 100% leather is something that is questionable. It easily stains, gets dirty and stinky fairly quickly. If it was really that, it’d be a bad idea.

More when I get to the actual part.

Its sofa frame is also made from select hardwoods, Chateux d’Ax claims. The hardwoods are reinforced with fiberboard and plywood to guarantee their longevity and provide them extra strength. At this point, I don’t really think it’s a good idea to consider the sofa durable anymore.

Hardwoods could store and create moisture, which contributes to the wood warping and could cause frame joint injuries. If you wish your sofa to remain in one area, sure, but if you move it consistently, it could weaken and easily break off one or two parts of your sofa frame.

They also talk about glue and staple, precisely assembling frame joints with corner blocks with these two ingredients. They claim its guaranteed to provide extra strength, stability and durability. However, the strength they could achieve is a self-lock when the furniture is under-loaded or push or pulled, which doesn’t really help.

The Actual Review

While I’ve knocked away out on the park some of the marketing languages carefully crafted by Chateau d’Ax’s teams, I really bought one because I really needed a good sofa.

I purchased the Avenue leather sofa a week ago. So far, it has been doing very well. You can’t argue at this point because it still feels and looks as if it is new. Hell, even the new leather smell really makes you feel better about the price (it’s more than a thousand, a bit).

The cushioning they used isn’t foam. It’s truly lovely cotton that feels like it melts in your buttocks. You really feel sophisticated while you sit down on the sofa and watch TV or eat dinner alone. Sometimes, I just sit down on it, sipping coffee as I go. I tell myself “what an achievement.

But then…

Within one week, one side of the sofa began to peel off. It was just a centimeter-length of leather from my sofa. I asked my kids which one of them scratched off the sofa by accident. Apparently, the other side also has some scratches.

I’ve come to realize that this is indeed a very sensitive sofa that needs good care and if possible, it needs to be cleaned every few days. After one week, we’ve got the stinky leather smell. Accidentally, my husband spilled some coffee on it, and it just stayed there, adding a coffee stink to the leather stink.


It’s not a bad design, and it’s not a bad product. However, for expensive, designer, leather sofas like this, it would be best to always take good care of them. Proper weekly maintenance is required. Also, once they land, they should never move to another place. I just know that part about glue and staple to be true. Also, don’t let moisture lock inside it. Hardwoods do weaken when they get wet.

Safe Use of Pesticides


pesticide warningExpect to spend a substantial amount of money when you consider landscaping your farm. Some farms may need to be landscaped especially when you show your customers where you get the produce you deliver to them. You may opt to use some form of pesticide control for the farm, especially if this is your source of income. However, when using pesticides, there are several factors to consider:

Consult with a hampstead team of gardeners on the right pesticide to use. Most landscape gardeners are experts on identifying pests and controlling them. They may advise you against using pesticide control and suggest organic means to control pests. In the long run, repeated use of pesticides may be harmful not only for the plants, but also to the people who work on the farm.

Assess the pest problem. Do not just buy a pesticide. Identify the type of pest that is present in the plants. Examine your plants carefully and look for other pests that may be hiding. However, there are pests that may have been in the soil for a long time and have bred a whole colony, enough to infect other plants. Consult with landscape design hampstead on the best pesticide to use relative to the pest. Ask for tips on organic pest control as a follow up after application of the pesticides. Ensure that you are buying the least toxic pesticide for your plants and your own safety.

Ensure safe pesticide use. Aside from choosing the right pesticide, you should also ensure its safe usage as follows:

  • Use pesticides only in designated places. It is illegal and unsafe to use pesticides other than where they are intended for.
  • Guarantee that you are using the exact amount specified for controlling the pests. Using too much pesticide doubles the risk of harmful effects to people and plants.
  • Make sure that children are nowhere near the areas during and after pesticide application to prevent accidental exposures. Keep pets and children away from the treated area until the treated areas are thoroughly dry. For solid pesticides, make sure that children and pets do not roam around the treated area until all pesticide particles have been dissolved.
  • Ensure proper use of mask and protective wear when applying the pesticide. Inquire and read about the antidote as well as emergency transport should accidental exposure happen.
  • Before applying the pesticide, store away pet food containers, pet bowls, children’s toys and clothing to prevent accidental exposure.
  • Store pesticide in their original containers. This will ensure proper usage for the next application. Labels on the container, usually contain the antidote and ingredients that will help medical specialists to treat people who have been accidentally exposed to the chemicals, thus it is advisable to make sure that the pesticide container is preserved.
  • Never mix pesticides. Pesticides contain industrial chemicals that are harmful to human and pets. Mixing them is dangerous. Using a mixture of pesticides would not only double the risk to accidental human and animal exposures, it may not be beneficial to your farm plants as well.

Look for natural solutions for pest control as much as possible. If you should use pesticide, use it as a last resort.

Cutting your energy bill by 15% in 2 weeks


I don’t know about you, but I pay a lot of money for heating in my house – Paul.

I mean it, a lot. It’s expensive nowadays and prices are constantly increasing, in fact I recently heard they were due to increase another 2%? Not entirely sure on that so don’t take my word for it. But nonetheless it’s clear that the prices are high at the moment.

I’ve been attempting to cut down my energy bill, it wasn’t until last year that we finally had double glazing installed. We never saw it as a “must have” before but realistically in 2013 it is required. As an extra step to lowering our energy bill, we recently installed Shutters:



Not my photograph, but they look fantastic don’t they? My local corby blinds company  installed them for me, apparently they’re a “specialist” item, so not every window blind company will offer them. I’d still phone them and ask though, most companies just do the standard roller blinds corby and vertical blinds corby options because they’re much easier to fit. Shutters are much more difficult to fit, but the rewards are great:









Pretty, pretty stunning right?

My house doesn’t look like a showroom, so I don’t fancy snapping photographs of them to show you, but they still look great. Me and my wife think so anyhow.

Right back to the topic, do they save your energy bill?

Well it’s not been long enough to tell yet, but I read a source that Shutters can save up to 51% of heat loss from energy tests they tried. I’ll post an update in the future as to whether we’ve noticed it in our bill, after all, that’s all that matters! Except for that they look beautiful and all of our friends and family ask about them.



Professional Care at Home – So you can live in your wonderful home


This post is written by Nick.


A lot of people can benefit from a care at home service because it allows them to live within the comfort of their own home while staying safe and holistic. Although this site is primarily about home and garden, which usually is referring to design, home care is a popular service for older people or people people with disabilities or other needs requiring professional assistance.

Home Care Oundle are primarily aimed at older people that would like to stay in their home as they got older, rather than taking a traditional route of staying in a care home, or taking the freedom away from a family member by having them as a carer. Although in some cases a family member can become the full time carer and a home care provider can be hired to provide respite car, this is a temporary arrangement to relieve the family member of caring for them.

What services do home care agencies offer?


There are a wide range of services available depend on what is needed, here are just some ideas:

  • Assistance with cleaning and other household chores
  • Assistance with getting up and down the stairs
  • Assistance going to the toilet
  • Assistance getting up in the morning and going to bed
  • Shopping – Either purchasing it for you or taking you out
  • And various other personal assistant activities

They can provide this in a variety of different ways…

Home Care

Standard home care where you create an agreement for how long you will need a carer and how often.

Live in Care

Live in Care Oundle allows a carer to live in your home with you, for a chosen number of days per week to give you a full time carer and assistant.

Respite Care

As mentioned earlier, respite care gives the main carer (such as a family member) a temporary break from the care.

Also… End of Life Care, Dementia Care, and Re-Enablement

I recommend researching all of these services and finding the best local one for the specific service you’re looking for. Some providers will offer all of these services, others not. If you look for home care market deeping suppliers or home care uppingham providers, you’ll undoubtedly come across a lot of companies. Watch this video below for some tips on choosing a home care company:

Thanks for reading everyone!

– Nick

Stunning ideas for your bathroom


Hey it’s Paul! Was just doing my daily check of Pinterest, I love this site for inspiration and came across the most stunning bathroom I’ve ever seen. Decided to put together this article for you guys with some inspiring, modern/contemporary bathroom designs.

Wooden feeling

I love the wooden flooring, wooden drawers, wooden roof beams, and the wooden blinds, looks fantastic together. The other thing I really love about this bathroom is the bathtub.


Bathroom with a view

Not much to say about this one, check out that view! Plus another extremely nice bathtub, I need to get myself one of those.



I’m not as keen on this one, doesn’t really fit my normal style, but my wife told me to add it.


Fresh and Clean

I’m a big fan of modern design where everything is fresh and clean, this bathroom shows it off perfectly. They even have a nice Roller blind, looks similar to the one I have in my bathroom (except mine have a fabric valance)


Are you seeing this?

This is a beautiful bathroom. Love the colours, the bathtub, the sink, the skylight window, the shower, the towel radiator. Everything just comes together so well, so I thought it would be the perfect idea to end this on. Only thing I’d want is a blind on that skylight window, possibly using the Perfect Fit Blinds System so there’s no drilling.


Well that’s about it for bathroom inspiration, did you get anything new? I’ve decided I MUST get myself a new bathtub, the ones in these pictures look absolutely incredible and mine is looking a bit old-hat now 🙁

Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post, let me know if you like this type of post in the comments and I’ll do more for other rooms in the house!

Choosing the right chair for your home office


Wow, this probably isn’t the best topic to start this blog off with. But it’s the first that came to mind so let’s start.

I recently came across a problem. If you’re anything like me, you’re sitting down far too often. For me it’s because my work is based on a laptop, but if you’re a writer or you do any sort of office work you’ll probably find you’ve got the same issue. After a while for me it started to affect my back, so I’ve been recently testing out other chairs to see what will sort the problem.

I found out a lot of chairs, including the one I used were like this:


Which is really bad for your back. What you really need is a chair that looks some what like this:



What this does is curves your back into a natural position. I’ve had mine for a week or so now and my back aches seem to have sorted themselves out, so I’d suggest you getting something similar.

There’s some other cool projects being created to try and fix problems with sitting down all day, e.g. on the google science fair.

But for now, the best bet is the buy a chair that fits more naturally with your back, and don’t sit down too much. Meaning every so often get up and take a break from sitting.



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