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4 Design decisions for a good night sleep

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In a world that is over scheduled, it seems as everyone is searching for a good night’s sleep. The bedroom is the first place to start before you try sleeping therapy, taking pills, or before you decide to go to a sleep clinic. Your bedroom should be designed for sleeping in a way that will make sleep a sensual experience. Keep reading

How to clean velvet furniture

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Velvet fabric is very luxurious material and is not simple for maintaining. If the fabric is not well cleaned, it can end up being crushed or damaged. Velvet that is made from synthetic materials is easy to clean while silk and wool work well when cleaned by professionals. Thereby, it important that you verify the type of fabric on your furniture before you start cleaning. Follow tips presented below to avoid destroying the smooth surface or your velvet furniture.

You should ensure that you do general cleaning of your furniture every week. You can use a soft brush or clean cloth to get rid of dirt and debris from the upholstery’s surface. Next, use a vacuum cleaner to clean your upholstered furniture. Ensure that you collect all the fuzz from the velvet furniture with the vacuum cleaning machine. Run it back and forth until the dirt and dust disappear from your upholstery.

If your furniture gets stains, you can use a dry soft cloth on it so that to absorb the liquid. This can easily get rid of the stain if it is not stubborn. You can also use self -made solution if the stain did not disappear. You will only require some hot water and little quantity of washing dish solution. Stir and shake the solution until the suds occur. Finally, apply the suds on the stain and see what happens.

You can also use dry cleaning method to remove stains from your velvet upholstery. Purchase a dry cleaning product and ensure that you read the instructions clearly before use. Ensure that you apply the instructions as they are explained by the manufacturer. After cleaning the stain, allow it to dry properly. Brush it the same direction until the upholstery returns to its normal state. Note that it is necessary that you get rid of the stains as soon as possible. However, if you let the stain to stay longer, it will make your velvet furniture less weak and less durable. It will also be tough to remove the stain later.

A steam cleaner is a device that is perfect for removing dirt, debris, stains and disinfecting the velvet material with destroying it. If you have it at home, make sure that you use it to clean your upholstery for better results.

5 most popular loft conversions 2016

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Do you ever wonder about that extra space in your loft? You may be thinking, “There’s an unused, empty, boring space in the attic. What can I do to make it a hundred times more exciting?”
The answer? Simple: Convert it.
Converting a loft from a dull, dusty storage space to a nice cozy bedroom or an exciting recreational chamber is one of the best and most efficient ways of upping your house’s market value.
But with lots of possibilities and choices out there, converting your loft is a tough choice. We’re here to help you with that. Here are our 5 most popular conversions this 2016:

If you want a fitter, healthier life, the logical and most direct approach is to attend a local gym. Being a gym member is great and very beneficial, however, it has its own downsides. First, why pay someone so you could tire yourself out while he yells at you from the sidelines? Second, why should your workout depending on the gym’s schedule?
Third, why should you travel all that way for a gym? Have your own gym at home! Better yet, turn that empty space in your loft to your very own high-end gym! Just a few stairs and you’re on.

What’s better than a gym? A game room. Place a pool table at your loft’s centre, hang a flat screen TV at the side, maybe add a poker table and you have your very own game and entertainment room. It’s the perfect way to spice up your home and even have something to look forward to after a hard day at work. Your friends will be begging you to let them hangout in your loft.

Your loft is usually a quiet, boring place, right? A perfect element of a nice study room. Get away from the day’s hassle, from your kids’ noise and your wife’s nagging. Installing a study in your loft will be a choice you’ll forever be thankful for. Nothing beats a good old quiet, peaceful alone time.

Installing a bedroom in your loft is a great investment, and comes with a host of benefits, which you can see at the Chiswick loft conversion company. A spare bedroom is always a good addition to a house. Whenever guests stay the night, you’ll want to have a nice, cozy bedroom ready for them. Also, one of your kids may want to have their own separate room away from their siblings, this is especially true for teenagers. If so, a spare loft bedroom will definitely come in handy.



One great idea for a loft conversion is to turn it into a media room. Install a flat screen TV, place a couch at the centre, throw in some surround sound speakers and you’re good to go. You can spend some quality time with your family watching High Definition movies on your comfy cinema-like room or maybe play the latest Xbox games with your friends. Choosing to convert your loft to a media room is definitely something to consider.
Those are the 5 most popular loft conversions this year. What’s your decision? You’ve only got one loft, use it wisely.

What Are You To Do With That Extra Room?

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Homes have different divisions that people then use for their designated functions. One can be the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom, among others. But there are instances wherein you will have an extra space that you do not want to just remain useless. Well, you are in luck as here is some inspiration for you to base on if you are concerned about having that idle area be brought to life.

Walk In Closet

Both men and women love clothes (admit it or not) and maybe this is because of the inclination to fashion and style or just because of the reality that everyone needs to wear clothing, of course, but it stands that you may have a great amount on you. This is even more when you are with kids. Having this closet will then give space for all of your wardrobe to fit in. You get extra flooring expanse for changing as well.

Laundry Room

And since the talk is about clothes, let’s take it up a notch and delve into those of the dirty kind. Well, having a place where you can dump and gather laundry would be great, instead of having them scattered around the house, even in spots you did not even think of. And if it is the end of the work week and it is time to do some laundry, they would know where to find you. Other chores like ironing and folding may even be performed there.


For those who are into books and have a huge collection of soft bounds, hard bounds and other publications, you can take this as an opportunity to transform the room into your very own library. Wouldn’t you like it, you already have the specific storage for all your novels and supposing you want to spend an afternoon reading, you can just go in and indulge yourself.

It can work as a studio if you are into music and the arts. In essence, it can be a corner to have your creative juices flowing.


There are those who still do their job even if they are already at home from work. These hardworking folks will need all the silence they can get to be able to focus and finish their tasks. If you are one, then what you should do is just get that room and make it to be your office. In this way, you can also block out your housemates, especially during times when you do not want to be disturbed.

Some thinking can even be done here as well. Perhaps you just fancy some alone time, the office may be the perfect setting.

Play Room

Again, when you have children, they can be quite energetic and even messy. Why not channel all those elements into one spot? You then only have the room to clean up after the little ones play. In addition, toys and other play things can be kept there. If you are a mother who has a lot of chores to do for the day, you only have to leave the kids in there and you are off to accomplish your tasks. There must be extra care and attention though because you will have to make the interiors safe and secure from risk, more so when you have toddlers.

Media Room

And the adults are not to be left behind when it comes to entertainment as they can have a domain for their own fun too. This can range from electronic diversions such as the TV, the computer and other music and video related equipment. On top of that, you may set up indoor sports equipment like that of table tennis or even simple board games.

Guest Room

A basic execution would be to just have that particular portion of the living quarters assigned for relatives or friends who are to come over at any time. This is beneficial, especially if you do not want to make these folks uncomfortable.

Know though that when you think of using that extra room for any of these purposes, you will have to be ready to invest and use up your funds. Imagination can only bring you so far; there is still the need to work things out, especially financially, to achieve what you have envisioned the room will look and function to be.

All in all, base the turnout on your preferences. The well-designed expanse can be for your advantage as well, since it can also increase the value of your residence and overall property.

The Best Interior Design Trends You Should Know For 2015

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It’s a brand new year and true enough, interior design trends for 2014 have blown over to give way for 2015’s new interior ideas. According to designers, it’s time to bring in the graphic tile, indigoes and other detailed and sophisticated metals for this year.

Moody Indigo

I’ve personally never loved indigo. I’ve always seen it as something that is half-hearted dark and not really defined. Indigo is an acquired taste color. Some designers, however, showed that it’s a good counterpoint to light-colored tiles.

Indigo is actually versatile because it combines with other colors that are difficult to combine with other colors. These include pink cream, gray, coral, and even the sometimes-difficult purple

Mixed Metals

Some London designers nowadays mix warm metal colors with cooler ones. While it’s actually pretty basic to use contrast when keeping up with designs, according to designers, matching every single color with a contrast in a single room isn’t the idea.

It’s a strategic layer mix, they said. It wasn’t just about two or three colours. It was about a repertoire of different colors combined together to create a riskier, daring feel that you wouldn’t otherwise feel with most interior decors using metal colors.

On the other hand, if you have plenty of details, for mixed metals, it would be better to use them as small details, or knick-knacks in your home. But that’s just me.

Smoky Glass

We’ve seen smoky glass used in so many applications that we’ve lost count. Smoky glass has often created the feeling of raw and mysterious. It has often concealed objects, bringing in only silhouettes from the outside or the inside. It could only create tension to an otherwise boring room, and spice up the details in a very busy room.

Smoky glass is also the choice for most urban housing. If you live in the city, a smoky-glassed flat is something that’s really outstanding.

Rugs a Paintin’

A rug with asymmetrical symbols and irregular patterns could break the symmetry inside a very boring room. According to designers, a very good rug with some abstract or something that shimmers and changes color depending on light is something that is really fit for today’s times.

Mirrored Furniture

With so many young people and some adults wanting to return the 1930’s Hollywood look in many homes, mirrored accents have been the interior design of choice. However, designers warn that the material must be good, or else it could mean a great interior home disaster.

Chevron Prints

Zigzags caught your eye? Maybe zigzags should always do. Today, chevron prints are widely used in many London interiors that strive to look modern. However, they should only appear simple. If they appear too thin or too complicated, the will spoil any kind of interior design, unless it’s for a circus.

Decorative Texts

The use of decorative texts in cloth posters or actual posters in a house is something that adds to a modern, urban feel. However, this may not be suitable for everyone, at best.

8 Kitchen Design Trends Popular in 2014

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Kitchen design, like other home creations, are ever evolving. Though it is true that you can always stick to your own style and not follow the latest, it stands that trends are still very much wanted by many. Now, for this year, whether you are constructing or just renovating your house kitchen, here are 8 modern styles you can follow.

Integrated Appliances. Of course, when speaking of the present day, these advanced inventions take centre stage. As you buy furniture pieces, it is a better investment to get those with appliances already installed in them. Perhaps, yes, they are on the pricey side but in the long run, you are going to save both money and floor space.

Innovative Storage. Another way to conserve area is to incorporate some storage ideas. For example, kitchen islands can perform not only as tables but cabinets as well.

Wood Usage. Even if wooden elements can be defined to be traditional, they are still a staple because of their features: their strength and longevity. Whether it is the entirety or just a small portion of an article of furniture, it is of purpose and character.

Colour Freedom. From walls to your furniture, styling is now very open. You can pick out colours, whether dark or bright, meaning you can go beyond the usual white, black and brown. Nevertheless, when you opt to go for a new coating, it is best to collaborate with painters and decorators Chelsea for a greater overall result.

Pattern Liberty. Alongside colours, you can integrate patterns and designs as well. You have to be careful though; the style you go for must be for the betterment of your kitchen’s overall look.

Shade Contrast. It is also common that when using different colours, they are chosen well to play together with distinction but still complementing each other. An instance would be the use of a darker tone with a lighter one.

Kitchen Décor. The room does not have to be boring. You can put up any ornament to personalise and beautify the surroundings.

Simplicity. It must still be taken note of, though, that modern kitchens thrive in a simple but interesting atmosphere. You must create a place of visual interest without overcrowding the space, yes.

Clapham kitchen design is subjective; it can be easy for some, while for others, it can be very difficult. Hence, when you are to follow these innovations, you might as well have fun with them, right?

Trends are around to show all the people some inspiration, especially when you are thinking of remodelling your kitchen, particularly. Nevertheless, it does not mean you have to really emulate them exactly. With a dash of your personality, you can make your own style that you can consider yours and yours alone. That is important because it is your kitchen after all; you are the one to stay in it. Hence, you should take to giving it a fresh and new form, so that you can get to enjoy being in there.

Bedroom Design Ideas

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Among all the areas in the home, one that is usually chosen to be the most favourite is the bedroom. It is where you are most comfortable since it is your very own space. After a long day at work or school, it is a haven you can rest and relax in.

Now, your living quarters, much more the bedroom, would be a greater place to go home to and stay in when it is designed well in terms of beauty and function. Personalising it to your preferences makes it cosier as well.

Wall paint can dramatically change your bedroom’s aura. Whether you are to go bright or go dark, of course, that is to your discretion. But do not be limited to one colour only. You can try and apply two or more shades. Keep in mind though that the colours you select should complement to your furniture and all that.

Supposing you are to go for a specific colour, you might as well incorporate different shades for a pretty contrast. Utilising just a particular tone can seem boring. Patterns are also welcome. From your bed sheets to your pillows, you can enhance the styling of the room.

An accent wall is also popular nowadays. It is basically when one wall has a distinct design, then drawing focus to that but still improving the bedroom’s overall appearance. That part vertically just produces visual interest for those who comes in and takes sight of it.

Artistic enough? Then your walls are definitely a blank canvas you can work on. Draw on it to your heart’s content. This is a method that will surely bring your personality alive.

Whether you have a small or big room expanse, you can change the position of your bed. This can make the room look interesting and new. Do not just go traditional by placing it by the wall. As long as your space permits, you can do what you want with any furnishing, even not just the bed alone.

If you want a new bed, then just invest in one that has an extra cushion underneath. Whenever you have friends and guests over to stay the night, you can just pull it out and they can sleep on it. It is a very convenient purchase, no doubt.

Curtains and other window treatments can help in the designing process as well. Thinking of your theme, choose out draperies that effectively cover your window but still contribute and bring flair.

You definitely have the freedom to put up anything that you want in your bedroom. Again, it is your very own sanctuary and you can turn it to whatever. As long as it is cosy and comfortable, there is no doubt you will want to stay there a lot.

Do not forget that you also have the responsibility to keep it clean and orderly. Doing so can make the general experience inside more worthwhile for you and even other people you consent to enter.


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