Who is Martha Guasax?

I am.

Well, the page title is talking about me.

After you’re done discussing with yourself about how weird Martha Guasax is, I’d like you to know one thing.

Aside from my family, I love interior design.

I’ve finished a degree in architecture. However, I ended up working as an accountant for personal reasons, probably financial. Yeah, you guessed it.

Guasax.com was supposed to be an accounting service site, my personal business. However, it ended up being my personal blog featuring some great stuff about my interests in interior design.

I know lots of things about interior design, but I don’t claim to be an expert. However, I know everything I’m writing and posting in here truly works!

See for yourself. You could tell me all about your experience by writing to me in the contact page next to this!

Would love to hear from you! See you soon! Woohooo!

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