8 Kitchen Design Trends Popular in 2014

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Kitchen design, like other home creations, are ever evolving. Though it is true that you can always stick to your own style and not follow the latest, it stands that trends are still very much wanted by many. Now, for this year, whether you are constructing or just renovating your house kitchen, here are 8 modern styles you can follow.

Integrated Appliances. Of course, when speaking of the present day, these advanced inventions take centre stage. As you buy furniture pieces, it is a better investment to get those with appliances already installed in them. Perhaps, yes, they are on the pricey side but in the long run, you are going to save both money and floor space.

Innovative Storage. Another way to conserve area is to incorporate some storage ideas. For example, kitchen islands can perform not only as tables but cabinets as well.

Wood Usage. Even if wooden elements can be defined to be traditional, they are still a staple because of their features: their strength and longevity. Whether it is the entirety or just a small portion of an article of furniture, it is of purpose and character.

Colour Freedom. From walls to your furniture, styling is now very open. You can pick out colours, whether dark or bright, meaning you can go beyond the usual white, black and brown. Nevertheless, when you opt to go for a new coating, it is best to collaborate with painters and decorators Chelsea for a greater overall result.

Pattern Liberty. Alongside colours, you can integrate patterns and designs as well. You have to be careful though; the style you go for must be for the betterment of your kitchen’s overall look.

Shade Contrast. It is also common that when using different colours, they are chosen well to play together with distinction but still complementing each other. An instance would be the use of a darker tone with a lighter one.

Kitchen Décor. The room does not have to be boring. You can put up any ornament to personalise and beautify the surroundings.

Simplicity. It must still be taken note of, though, that modern kitchens thrive in a simple but interesting atmosphere. You must create a place of visual interest without overcrowding the space, yes.

Clapham kitchen design is subjective; it can be easy for some, while for others, it can be very difficult. Hence, when you are to follow these innovations, you might as well have fun with them, right?

Trends are around to show all the people some inspiration, especially when you are thinking of remodelling your kitchen, particularly. Nevertheless, it does not mean you have to really emulate them exactly. With a dash of your personality, you can make your own style that you can consider yours and yours alone. That is important because it is your kitchen after all; you are the one to stay in it. Hence, you should take to giving it a fresh and new form, so that you can get to enjoy being in there.

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