6 Top easy to grow flowers


If you are planning of growing flowers, you must first ensure that you create a space that has fertile and properly balanced soil. You have seen some people grow beautiful flowers and you are wondering what they do to maintain their garden. Some flowers are simple to grow as compared to others. Also, some require minimum attention and survive in a variety of location. Here are 6 top easy to grow flowers.

  • Eschscholzia

If you do not like watering flowers, then Eschscholzia would work well for you. This kind of plant thrives well in poor, dry soil and full sun. Therefore, they will not waste most of the time when watering them. The only thing you need to do is just scatter them where you want them to grow and leave them to grow. Every year they set seed which will flower the following summer.

  • Marigold

These are simple to grow plants which are a great choice for children. Their seeds are simple to handle and grow quickly as such; you will not have to wait for a long time for their beautiful flowers. Marigold, I will suit every sunny spot in your garden.

  • Sunflower

Sunflowers are easy plants for children to grow. The kids will simply be impressed by its nature of growing. Just sow sunflowers seed on the ground in a sunny, sheltered area and watch them thrive. Make sure that you offer the stems with support so that to grow the tallest flowers.

  • Nigella

These are very easy plants to grow. Simply, scatter the nigella seeds across the spot with bare soil and leave to take care of itself. Even if Nigella has a jewel like flowers and delicate ferny leaves, it is much stronger than it seems. As the plants fade, it will set seeds for the next year.

  • Sweet peas

These flowers have a delicious fragrance that you cannot resist. These plants are unique because the more you pick the more flowers they produce. They have large seeds which are easy to handle. For you to grow sweet peas, you only need a sunny patch, supportive fence and plenty of water.

  • Aquilegia

Aquilegias are very simple plants to grow since they will come back each year. First, put aquilegia in small pots so that they can be transplanted later on. After they are established, they will set seeds so that you will always have new plants. They grow well in almost all conditions both in the sun or semi-shade. They are also lovely since they come in every imaginable combination of colors.

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