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Do you ever wonder about that extra space in your loft? You may be thinking, “There’s an unused, empty, boring space in the attic. What can I do to make it a hundred times more exciting?”
The answer? Simple: Convert it.
Converting a loft from a dull, dusty storage space to a nice cozy bedroom or an exciting recreational chamber is one of the best and most efficient ways of upping your house’s market value.
But with lots of possibilities and choices out there, converting your loft is a tough choice. We’re here to help you with that. Here are our 5 most popular conversions this 2016:

If you want a fitter, healthier life, the logical and most direct approach is to attend a local gym. Being a gym member is great and very beneficial, however, it has its own downsides. First, why pay someone so you could tire yourself out while he yells at you from the sidelines? Second, why should your workout depending on the gym’s schedule?
Third, why should you travel all that way for a gym? Have your own gym at home! Better yet, turn that empty space in your loft to your very own high-end gym! Just a few stairs and you’re on.

What’s better than a gym? A game room. Place a pool table at your loft’s centre, hang a flat screen TV at the side, maybe add a poker table and you have your very own game and entertainment room. It’s the perfect way to spice up your home and even have something to look forward to after a hard day at work. Your friends will be begging you to let them hangout in your loft.

Your loft is usually a quiet, boring place, right? A perfect element of a nice study room. Get away from the day’s hassle, from your kids’ noise and your wife’s nagging. Installing a study in your loft will be a choice you’ll forever be thankful for. Nothing beats a good old quiet, peaceful alone time.

Installing a bedroom in your loft is a great investment, and comes with a host of benefits, which you can see at the Chiswick loft conversion company. A spare bedroom is always a good addition to a house. Whenever guests stay the night, you’ll want to have a nice, cozy bedroom ready for them. Also, one of your kids may want to have their own separate room away from their siblings, this is especially true for teenagers. If so, a spare loft bedroom will definitely come in handy.



One great idea for a loft conversion is to turn it into a media room. Install a flat screen TV, place a couch at the centre, throw in some surround sound speakers and you’re good to go. You can spend some quality time with your family watching High Definition movies on your comfy cinema-like room or maybe play the latest Xbox games with your friends. Choosing to convert your loft to a media room is definitely something to consider.
Those are the 5 most popular loft conversions this year. What’s your decision? You’ve only got one loft, use it wisely.

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