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In a world that is over scheduled, it seems as everyone is searching for a good night’s sleep. The bedroom is the first place to start before you try sleeping therapy, taking pills, or before you decide to go to a sleep clinic. Your bedroom should be designed for sleeping in a way that will make sleep a sensual experience. Your bedroom can be good for your health. The fact is, every décor that you decide to go for, whether it’s the window treatment or the lighting, has an impact on the quality of sleep.

  • Get rid of electronics

Electronics such as a television by your bed isn’t doing any good to your décor. In fact, electronics don’t contribute anything positive to your quality of sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, watching TV or viewing electronics before you get to your bed has harmful effects on your sleep. Therefore, if you want a good night sleep, ensure that you kick electronics out of your bedroom. It would be wise to replace any electronic in your room with attractive objects.

  • Be pretty fun and create space

In the case where a room gets too quiet, hearing gets more acute. Silence is okay, but too much of it may not give you a good night sleep. So, consider having a little noise to drown out sounds. You can consider buying a sound machine capable of neutralizing intermittent sounds from sleep environs. Who said you couldn’t transform your room into a soothing retreat? You can use room freshener to transform your room into a comforting retreat. Aromatherapy might be your only way to fall asleep. So, go for a natural lavender with a scent that you feel can cause a relaxation response in your muscles, and you will have created a spa like space for a good night sleep.

  • Change your light bulb

Swapping the kind of light that is in your bed room can help have a good night sleep. Ensure that you have a special bulb which does not produce a lot of light. Use a bulb that filters out the frequency of light in your room. Although the bulb brightness does vary a lot, there are those that produce melatonin which is a sleep hormone.

  • Make your bed more comfortable

Your bed requires a lot of attention from both sides of design and health. Sleeping in uncomfortable bed can give you serious back ache and fatigue. It is therefore essential to change your mattress and pillows after some time to ensure that you get the comfort that you deserve. Although sheets are a personal taste, it is advisable that you get the one that is more breathable. Also, make sure that clean your bedding more frequently to maintain a clean sleeping environment.

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